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Signed Deal !

A blue dressed Killer Cop,
Having a Key,
To deal difficult People,
and pass the cold Justice,
Like the drama serves the episodes,
I am saying Trust Me,
Watching with spectacles,
But these spoilers giving an Edge
I am living Life of Mathew,
And Desqueaking Shores of mondeal,
While American accent inside me Ripping my soul,
What Would a Plo Do?

What to do, when tension strikes and all you do is ART !

Who I am?

Being an Odd Squad,
Like an old DuckTales,
Bringing Sea Gold to my
Crazy, non-typical, non-challant,
Felt like Shouting at Top of the Lake,
But inside I’m Sorry for not,
Signed like others are,
as predictable as Dice,
Nice, rhetoric and perfect as Karaoke.


Mathew as Who I am!

First blog post.

Welcome to my Blog.

This is my first post. I am here to read and share the blogging love. I am here to share my poems and photographs, I love to shoot in Black and White mostly! I am planning to feature all my blogging friends an interviews, along with the the books and some review. Right now, I am blank and need some time to setup the blog correctly, I need suggestions from you friends on the design and colors of my blog. I have some awesome blogposts on the way! Share and comment the posts please

Love and Light to you!